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Pulsafeeder, Inc - A leading manufacturer of diaphragm metering pumps, gear pumps, solenoid pumps, and controllers
Superior quality Chemical Feed and Process Instrumentation Products.
PULSAtron controls
ChemTech XP
Featuring the NEW!! CHEM-TECH 99X
Mec-O-Matic Pump

MicroVision Boiler
MicroVision Boiler

Harmsco Filtration Products
Single, double and triple length pleated polyester cartridges and stainless steel housings for industrial applications.

Geiger-Harmsco Filtration Systems
Pre-Engineered skid mounted filtration solutions featuring Harmsco Filtration Products. Standard features include stainless steel housing configurations with flow rates to 1600 GPM in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or PVC piping headers to 6, Filter Service Indicators and Automatic Filter Purge, all standard. Applications for the Commercial, Industrial, Municipal Drinking Water and Heat Transfer markets. Custom configurations available.

Peabody Engineering
Peabody Engineering is an industry leader in tanks and tank accessories for all applications.

Separators, strainers and filters for all pre-filtration and filtration requirements.

Quality Inline Static Mixer.


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